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  • New Orleans Educational Article of the Month - Will a Pest Control company remove an Armadillo?

Will a Pest Control company remove an Armadillo?

Will a New Orleans Pest Control company remove an Armadillo?

We have come to realize that Armadillos are destructive animals which need to be removed from one’s yard whenever they are seen in Louisiana. Several people mainly consider New Orleans animal control services to help them remove destructive Armadillos from yards while some people go for the specific option, which is calling New Orleans Pest Control services which have been established in many states across the United States and in other countries around the world. Louisiana Pest Control is defined as the management and supervision of a pest, which may be considered to be harmful or negative to the health of a person or the economy. The companies that provide these management and pest supervision services are called Pest Control Companies. Tiny invertebrates and insects are what pest control companies handle the most.
It is impossible to use pest control companies to handle problems caused by Armadillos because armadillos are not considered ‘insects’ by most of these companies. An armadillo is a mammal and is bigger than almost every organism being considered as an insect. The tools that pest control companies use to eliminate insects in households or locations may not be appropriate enough to use when it comes to problems that Armadillos cause.

So the answer is NO. Pest control companies will absolutely not come to the rescue when a person reports that an armadillo is invading their yard or lawn. These are the reasons why these pest control companies will not respond to these complaints:

• The equipment used by pest control companies is not appropriate to handle armadillo problems. Pest control companies handle little invertebrates and insects and therefore their equipment may be designed to handle damages caused by these sorts of organisms. The extent of damages caused by Armadillos may not be rectified using these equipment, they require equipment from an organization that can handle Armadillos.

• Louisiana Pest control companies usually have a list of what kind of services they offer or what kind of problems they deal with. A large percentage of these companies do not have the option of handling Armadillo trouble in their list. This is because they are not mandated to handle these kinds of animals by the Animal Control Organization in their area. Therefore, They might not be able to respond to armadillo destruction complaints because they are not mandated to or because it is not in their list of services that is usually advertised by the company.

• New Orleans Armadillo removal sometimes may require the use of specific chemicals which irritate the armadillo to come out of its hiding. These chemicals might not be the same ones used by pest control companies so these companies might not respond to Armadillo damage complaints. The above are some of the reasons why New Orleans Pest Control company will not handle Armadillo related problems because they are not meant to. They only handle insects.

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