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  • New Orleans Educational Article of the Month - Can you use a trap to catch a snake?

Can you use a trap to catch a snake?

Can you use a trap to catch a snake?

It is always a traumatic experience to find that a New Orleans snake is present inside your garden, room or basement. This definitely imposes some serious kinds of risks upon you and your family and one has to take immediate steps for ensuring safe removal of the animal in Louisiana. In all situations trapping a snake and releasing it somewhere safe appears as the best strategy as it is also the most humane way of handling the entire situation as well. There are different types of snake traps that can be used for this purpose, but it is important to follow the complete protocol because a simple mistake can ruin everything. In case you have seen the snake, which you are aiming to trap, then it will be very good to get maximum information related with the specie because in this manner you will get in a better position of making the selection of a proper trap. Especially when you are thinking about trapping venomous snakes in New Orleans, it is very much important to take necessary caution because you can get bitten during the entire procedure. Let’s discuss some different types of traps that are present and used for catching snakes so that you can get a proper idea of things.

• Glue trap is one of the most common types of traps that are used for catching snakes and the best thing related with it is that it’s humane. These traps normally are being offered in markets with baits installed for luring snakes inside. When snake will move inside the box it will get stuck with the glue. There are even some traps present that can be reused so it is better to explore your options in a proper manner.

• Minnow trap is defiantly another very good alternative especially when have to deal with more than one snake. These are actually made up of mesh wire and have a shape similar to that of a cylinder. Your job here will be to get some eggs inside to act as bait the snake will crawl towards the trap for getting the eggs, but it will not get in a position of finding its way back. It is important that you should always consider setting the trap at a decent location. It should be set in an area where you feel that snakes pay visit very often. Attic, garden and basements are the best places for setting traps. After catching the trap it is important to provide treatment to it as soon as possible and in all cases it will never be humane to allow the animal to die in the trap. It is better to relocate the trapped animal at a distant and safe place away from your property in Louisiana.

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